Shorts for good

We set out to solve the problem of comfortable, unique shorts designed for everyone, that would go from reaching during training to resting afterwards - and we started from scratch. We ended up with an incredibly versatile cut and design for every day wear that no one else in the world has, that is seriously the most comfortable pair of shorts you'll ever own. And we injected the fun back into the grind, with bold original patterns.

Good for the world

SleeperBear was created with the belief that we should treat the world wellWe're all about being thoughtful, appreciating nature, taking things slow, doing them the right way not necessarily the easy way, and finding adventure - even when there is none.

We believe fast fashion has to go. Today, many brands destroy product as a way to make their stuff "exclusive". For example, H&M had burned 60 tons of new and unsold clothes since 2013; Richemont, the owner of the jewelry and watch brands Cartier, Piaget, and Baume & Mercier, has destroyed about $563 million worth of watches; and Urban Outfitters, Walmart, Eddie BauerMichael KorsVictoria’s Secret, and J.C. Penny do the same thing.

Everything - from the very limited number of pairs we release, to our ethical supply chain, to sourcing as much as we can in the US to reduce our carbon footprint, and help support our local economies - is done with the goal of doing what's best for this planet and the humans on it. 

Good for people

We believe artists are amazing, and deserve to be paid well and supported in doing what they love. Everlane's promise of "radical transparency" has unraveled. And H&M and Gap have been singled out in the two reports from Global Labour Justice, highlighting the “daily reality” of abuse faced by their female garment workers across factories in Asia, according to the Guardian. 

We source exclusively from the US in terms of our fabric, materials, and our cutting and sewing labor. Our fabric is custom artist-designed (we partner with all sorts of cool artists to create original prints!) and printed in Durham, North Carolina and Los Angeles, California. Our hand-illustrated patches and embroidery are printed in Denver, Colorado. And each pair of shorts is cut and sewn by a couture designer paid a real living wage, one at a time, with love in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Good for you

We're invested in doing things the right way - for the long-run - for you and us. That makes our shorts a little more expensive. We hope you will support our mission and a better planet, by investing your money in shorts that are created one at a time, with you in mind. You will receive a high-quality pair of shorts you will love, and together, we will change the world. Shop our collections here.

About our team

Madeline Gruen

A Philadelphia-based fashion designer, who's sewn stunning couture dresses for the runway and the wedding aisle, and who's malamute walks her daily. She done work for brands from Kit & Ace to Urban Outfitters.

Megan Mitzel

A Los Angeles-based designer who's created athletic T-shirt lines for the last 10 years.

Niki Waters

A Filipino-American artist who grew up internationally and spent most of her formative years in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Laguna, Philippines, Niki runs Knees & Keys Art. She graduated from the Academy of Art University (AAU) in 2011 with a degree in illustration.

Questions, comments, or just want to chat?

Find us on Instagram or via email: sleeperbearbrand@gmail.com.